The javelin is gifted to the party by Undine in appreciation of her rescue. It has a total of eight (8) upgrades that can be obtained by finding the respective Weapon Orbs as per the table below;

Name ATK Power Ability Located
Poledart.gif Pole Dart 2 NIL Undine gifts this to party
Javelin.gif Javelin 6 NIL Defeat Kilroy
Lighttrident.gif Light Trident 12 Strong vs. Animals/Beasts Found in Fung Castle
Lodejavelin.gif Lode Javelin 17 Balloons enemies Defeat Minotaur
Forkofhope.gif Fork of Hope 24 Strong vs. Evil/Undead Defeat Mech Rider (Castle)
Imp'sfork.gif Imp's Fork 30 Balloons enemies Defeat Lime Slime
Elf'sharpoon.gif Elf's Harpoon 38 +1 Intelligence/+1 Wisdom Defeat Snap Dragon
Dragondart.gif Dragon Dart 47 Strong vs. Dragons Defeat Axe Break
Valkyrian.gif Valkyrian 53 Ultimate Weapon Rare drop of Whimper in Mana Fortress

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