Axe (SoM)

The Axe can first be purchased from Watts in Gaia's Navel and has eight (8) stages of upgrade all conducted by finding the below Weapon Orbs;

Name ATK Power Ability Located
Watt'saxe.gif Watt's Axe 4 NIL Purchased from Watts for 100 GP
Loadaxe.gif Lode Axe 11 Strong vs. Plants/Fish Defeat Fire Gigas
Stoutaxe.gif Stout Axe 16 +1 Constitution Found in Moogle Village
Battleaxe.gif Battle Axe 23 Strong vs. Plants/Fish Found in the Temple of Fire
Goldenaxe.gif Golden Axe 29 Strong vs. Insects Found in the Imperial Castle
Were-buster.gif Were-Buster 38 Strong vs. Animals/Beasts Found in Gold Tower
Greataxe.gif Great Axe 46 Strong vs. Plants/Fish Defeat Dragon Worm
Gigasaxe.gif Gigas Axe 54 +5 Strength Rare drop from Fiend Head in Mana Fortress
Doomaxe.gif Doom Axe 56 Ultimate Weapon Rare drop from Fiend Head in Mana Fortress
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