Boomerang (SoM)

The boomerang comes as Popoie's starting weapon and has eight (8) upgrades that are completed by finding the respective Weapon Orbs as per the below table;

Name ATK Power Ability Located
Boomerang.gif Boomerang 2 NIL Popoie's strating weapon
Chakram.gif Chakram 6 Strong vs. Slimes/Lizards Defeat Spikey Tiger
Lodeboomerang.gif Lode Boomerang 12 Slows enemies down Defeat Spring Beak
Risingstar.gif Rising Star 17 NIL Defeat Frost Gigas
Redcleaver.gif Red Cleaver 24 Strong vs. Insects Defeat the Vampire
Cobrashuttle.gif Cobra Shuttle 30 Poisons enemies Defeat Blue Spike
Frizbar.gif Frizbar 38 Strong vs. Slimes/Lizards Found in Underground City
Shuriken.gif Shuriken 47 Higher critical hit rate Defeat the Blue Dragon
Ninja'strump.gif Ninja's Trump 53 Ultimate Weapon Rare drop of Master Ninja in Mana Fortress
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