Bow (SoM)

The bow is first gifted to the party by the Dwarf Elder. It can be upgraded a total of eight (8) times, through the use of Weapon Orbs that are found as per below;

Name ATK Power Ability Located
Chobin'sbow.gif Chobin's Bow 3 NIL Gifted from Dwarf Elder
Shortbow.gif Short Bow 8 NIL Defeat Wall Face
Longbow.gif Long Bow 14 Strong vs. Animals/Beasts Defeat Jabberwocky
Greatbow.gif Great Bow 20 Confuses enemies Defeat Boreal Face
Bowofhope.gif Bow of Hope 27 Strong vs. Evil/Undead Found in Northtown ruins
Elfinbow.gif Elfin Bow 35 +1 Intelligence/+1 Wisdom Defeat Gorgon Bull
Wingbow.gif Wing Bow 43 Confuses enemies Defeat Kettle Kin
Doombow.gif Doom Bow 52 Higher critical hit rate Defeat Snow Dragon
Garudabow.gif Garuda Bow 54 Ultimate Weapon Rare drop from Metal Crab in Mana Fortress
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