Glove (SoM)

The glove is the starting weapon of Purim and has eight (8) upgrades that can be obtained through finding the respective Weapon Orbs as outlined in the below table;

Name ATK Power Ability Located
Spikeknuckle.gif Spike Knuckle 2 NIL Purim's starting weapon
Powerglove.gif Power Glove 6 Strong vs. Insects Defeat Biting Lizard
Moogleclaw.gif Moogle Claw 11 Enemies fall unconscious Found in Moogle Village
Chakrahand.gif Chakra Hand 17 +1 Intelligence/+1 Wisdom Found in Temple of Ice
Heavyglove.gif Heavy Glove 24 Strong vs. Insects Defeat Metal Mantis
Hyperfist.gif Hyper Fist 30 Strong vs. Slimes/Lizards Found in Temple of Darkness
Griffinclaws.gif Griffin Claws 38 Poisons enemies Defeat Red Dragon
Dragonclaws.gif Dragon Claws 47 Strong vs. Dragons Rare drop of Wolf Lord in Mana Fortress
Auraglove.gif Aura Glove 53 Ultimate Weapon Rare drop of Wolf Lord in Mana Fortress
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