Legend of Mana


Legend of Mana
Legend of Mana boxart
NASquare EA
Designer/sKoichi Ishii (Director)
Akitoshi Kawazu (Producer)
Akihiko Matsui (Game Design)
Artist/sShinichi Kameoka
Composer/sYoko Shimomura
Platform/sSony Playstation
Release DatesJPJuly 15, 1999
NAJune 7, 2000
GenreAction RPG
Rating/sCESO: A
ESRB: Teen
Media1 CD-ROM

Legend of Mana (LOM) is a an action adventure role playing game, as you take on either a male or female character in the world of Fa'Diel, exploring the land, discovering new people and creatures, searching for treasures and defeating bossess as you help to restore the Mana tree back to life. This was produced for the Playstation 1.


[edit] Features

In combining elements like customizability and multiple scenarios, the goal was to create a game that players can follow at their own pace. There are many paths to the final showdown, all of them dependant upon the quests that the player chooses to undertake. In following one branch of the story, certain characters will be met while others may never be encountered. This free reign over the events of the game make it so that no two games need ever e alike. Coupled with the richly detailed world and innovative two-player action, what you have is a role-playing experience that is as vast and varied as the game itself.

[edit] Quirky Characters & Their Quests

Dozens of characters populate the world of the Legend of Mana, each with their own plans and goals. By interacting with these characters, the player has the opportunity to take up their cause and aid them in their quest. The characters that can be encountered run the gamut from the serious to the strange, and everything in between. Their goals also reflect the immense diversity that is the trademark of this game. With nearly seventy quests to choose from, the character will do everything from saving a princess in distress to searching for the ingredients to an explosive spell. Every quest has the opportunity to spawn new ones depending upon the encounters made during the quest. While not all encountered quests need to be pursued, doing so means more artifacts will be found, and more adventures will follow.

[edit] Beautiful Landscapes & Land Creation

Set in a beautiful storybook backdrop reminiscent of watercolor paintings, the world of Fa'Diel is as beautiful to behold as it is fun to explore. There are dozens of locations, each with their own unique motifs and settings ranging from a haunted tower and pirate ship to a peaceful lake and magic academy. With each location filled with its own encounters and adventures, uncovering one is equivalent to discovering a brand new world! Fa'Diel is governed by the power of Mana, and every location affects the Mana level of its neighbors. Depending upon a location's Mana level, certain events may be triggered to occur there. Since it is up to the player to determine where a location will appear on the world map with artifacts they discovered, careful planning may yield some pleasant surprises.

[edit] Two-Player Cooperative & Versus Mode

Much like its predecessor, Legend of Mana allows two to play simultaneously. This usually means that the second player will be controlling the NPC character that has joined the party. There is however, another option open to the second player, and that is to use a main character from another Legend of Mana game stored on a memory card! Of course, in such cases, there is bound to be some arguments about who has the best character. The only way to resolve this would be to take it to the Battle Arena, and duke it out until only one remains standing. Since the results of each battle is recorded onto the memory card when the game is saved, a running total of who's ahead and who's behind will insure that the losing party plays long and hard to level up their character before the next challenge.

[edit] Build You Own Weapons, Armor & Allies

While on their quests, players will likely pick up various odds and ends that don't seem to do much by themselves. This will change once the workshops become available, after the blacksmithing skill is gained. Suddenly, useless objects become the foundation for powerful weapons and armor. With the added option of tempering existing and created equipment with magical items or other materials, the possibilities are nearly endless in what can be made. The same applies to Golems; mechanical allies created from weapons and armor that gain abilities based on what they are made of. In addition, the player may occasionally encounter monster eggs their quests. If the player chooses to capture it, the egg can be raised to maturity, upon which it will become an ally in battle.

[edit] New Battle System

Unlike traditional RPGs, battles in Legend of Mana require that the player take control of the action by actively attacking and dodging the enemy rather than just selecting commands. Maybe the powerful blow from a two-handed axe is preferable to the long reach of the spear. With eleven weapons to choose from, it is easy to find a weapon that suits your fighting style, whether it be up close and personal with knives, or at a distance with a bow. Prolonged usage of a weapon will allow the main character to learn a special technique for that weapon, capable of delivering massive damage to multiple opponents. Besides weapon combat, the player also has the option to use magical instrument to trigger devastating spell-effects in a radius based on the spell. Since instruments can also be constructed in the workshops, creating instruments with spells that compliment your fighting style is an essential strategy for success.

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