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A.K.AThe Girl
SpecialtySupport Magic
FamilyDaughter of Pandoran noble


[edit] Background


Purim is the daughter of a noble of Pandora who has had a marriage arranged for her by her father. However, she believes that the nature of this arrangement is unfair as she is in love with one of the soldiers of the king, Dyluck, who is sent off on a suicide mission to defeat Elinee, a witch who has plagued the kingdom with a spell of sleep. Not wishing to be cast into marriage without love, she rebels against her father and follows in the footsteps of Dyluck with every intention of rescuing him, and thrawting anyone that gets in her way.

[edit] History

On the prowl for her love, she mistakes Randi for Dyluck, rescuing him from a pack of goblins who had set their sights on consuming the male protagonist. With not even a moment to spare the guy for a thanks, she runs off to search for her soldier after a case of mistaken identity.

[edit] Personality

As a princess of the kingdom of Pandora, Purim can sometimes be seen to act a little out of place, as a spoilt brat. This could be attributed to her heritage, as it would appear that she doesn't have very many close friends - Phanna being the only one encountered in the game. The fact that she slaps her friend when she finds out that the girl has a fascination with Dyluck shows her fiery temper. At times, she can also be very bossy and presses her opinion onto other people.

She is, however, quite a determined young lady and never falters in her quest to locate her love, showing commitment to her affections, and loyalty to her companions as whilst this may be her primary goal, she deters from it on a few occassions to assist the party in travelling to other locations that don't directly affect her main concerns.

[edit] Abilities

Purim is gifted with the support abilities of the Elementals and thus can aid the party in battle with skills such as healing, empowering weapons with elements, and casting negative status effects on enemies.

[edit] Trivia

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