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A.K.AThe Boy, The Hero,
FamilyMana Tree, Serin


[edit] Background


Randi is the main protagonist of the Secret of Mana and will be the first hero that the player will gain control of. He becomes the hero of Mana when he draws forth a rusty sword from a rock stationed in the middle of a stream, however it was not entirely a coincidence that this happens. His father's spirit rests in the location of the latent sword, and calls out to him as he draws near. Taking the blade in hand, the boy releases monsters upon the world and is then subsequently banished from his home village of Potos where the village elder had taken him in as an adoptive son.

He is the son of a union of the current Mana Tree and a former soldier by name of Serin.

[edit] History

Searching for a rumoured treasure near Angel Falls with his friends Timothy and Elliot, Randi ends up at the base of the waterfall when his footing slips on the aged bark of a makeshift bridge that crosses over the front of the cascading water. Sustaining no injuries, except to his ego, he wanders aimlessly in an attempt to find his way back to the village. A small path cut through the ancient oaks leads him to a stream where a sword rests embedded into a piece of rock protruding from the gurgling waters. Above the noise a voice calls out his name, which he at first seems a little disturbed by, however considering the road leads toward the sword, he follows it to where the voice gets stronger.

Standing before the blade he is directed to draw it forth. Doing so releases a bright light that completely blinds him, where he is forced to shield his eyes. As the brightness dims, he sees before him the apparition of a man that bequeths him the sword and warns of a coming danger. The ghost dissapears before any questions can be asked and the boy is left with a worn, rusty sword in his grip. He makes his way back to Potos, not without resistance from some Rabite that the boy is surprised to see as there has been no monster sightings in the area of late.

Finally returning to the village, he finds both Elliott and Timothy telling the elder what has happened. The elderly man is shocked to find that Randi has removed the Mana Sword from its resting place, and Elliott decides to beat up on the protagonist for releasing monsters on the world. Despite attempts to resist, Randi retreats to a flower garden when an earthquake suddenly hits the village, collapsing the ground beneath them.

Arising with little injury from the fall, Randi is confronted by the Mantis Ant whom does not hesitate to attack with its sickle like arms. Elliott is no help in dispatching the beast, but luckily a knight passing through the village offers assistance through verbal strategy which helps the boy to level his head and take out the boss. As it explodes in a colourful blast of light, a rope is lowered into the pit, allowing Randi and Elliott to escape.

Arriving back above ground, Elliott runs off without so much as a thank you. The knight that assisted in the battle recognises the blade that Randi holds to be the true Sword of Mana and requests that the boy visit Sage Luke at the Water Palace to learn about the sword, and how to regenerate it, as it appears to have lost its power. He introduces himself as Jema after being interrupted by Timothy who tells Randi that the Elder wishes to see him. Taking his leave, Jema moves on and the boy is left to follow orders.

In the Elder's house, Randi walks in on a rowdy scene where the villagers are arguing over the future of the village, stating that if Randi is to stay, he'll bring misfortune upon the village. With no choice but to agree, the village Elder banishes Randi from Potos. Disheartened by the news, the boy leaves the village with no hope of returning, and nowhere to go but the Water Palace to visit the sage and try and find some answers.

[edit] Personality

[edit] Abilities

Randi is most proficient with weapons. He can use any of the eight available weapons with ease and actually has a higher mastery rate than that of the other two characters. As such, he can master the special techniques associated with the weapons at a faster rate, and ends up becoming the most powerful party member where it comes to the wielding of weaponry.

He also will see a higher HP count than the other party members, possibly due to the fact that his abilities will generally place him in the forefront of battle. As a drawback, however, he is the most susceptable to magical damage.

[edit] Trivia

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