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There is a total of eight weapons in Secret of Mana that can be found and utilised. All weapons can be upgraded up to eight times through the use of Weapon Orbs that, when found, can be taken to Watts to perform the necessary adjustments.


[edit] Sword

The sword is the first weapon obtained in the game, and is drawn from a stone in the middle of a stream on the outskirts of Potos. This blade eventually becomes the Sword of Mana which forms majority of the game's plot.

[edit] Spear

The spear is gifted to the heroes by Luka. It has a longer reached than the sword, and is slightly more powerful in the beginning.

[edit] Axe

The axe is first purchased from Watts in Gaia's Navel. It can be used to demolish rocks and debris in the path of the heroes.

[edit] Bow

The bow is gifted to the party by the Dwarf Elder. It is one of three long distance weapons.

[edit] Boomerang

The boomerang is Popoie's starting weapon. It has a long range and will hit enemies on the way to, and back from the thrower, when cast.

[edit] Glove

The glove is Purim's default weapon and allows the user to perform hand-to-hand combat using both arms and legs in an attempt to disorient the enemy.

[edit] Whip

Obtained from Elinee once the spell over her has been broken. It allows the heroes to cross small chasms that have stakes connected to the earth on either side.

[edit] Javelin

The javelin is gifted to the party by the water elemental, Undine. It can be thrown long distances and is the last weapon obtained by the party.

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