Spear (SoM)

The spear is a weapon that is gifted to the party by Luka and can be used to reach enemies that are a little further away. It can be upgraded eight (8) times through the use of Weapon Orbs which are obtained as per below;

Name ATK Power Ability Located
Spear.gif Spear 4 NIL Receive from Luka
Heavyspear.gif Heavy Spear 11 NIL Defeat Tropicallo
Sprite'sspear.gif Sprite's Spear 16 Balloon's enemies Found in Pandora Castle
Partisan.gif Partisan 23 Strong vs. Slimes/Lizards Found in Santa's House
Halberd.gif Halberd 29 Confuses enemies Found in Northtown ruins
Oceanidspear.gif Oceanid Spear 38 Puts enemies to sleep Found in Gold Tower
Gigaslance.gif Gigas Lance 46 +1 Strength Defeat Aegagropilon
Dragonlance.gif Dragon Lance 54 Strong vs. Dragons Defeat Mech Rider
Daedaluslance.gif Daedalus Lance 56 Ultimate Weapon Rare drop of Tsunami in Mana Fortress
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