Sword (SoM)

The sword has eight (8) stages of upgrade through the use of Weapon Orbs. However, the final stage can only be obtained at a certain point in the game, and is not actually through the use of said orb.

Name ATK Power Ability Located
Rustysword.gif Rusty Sword 3 NIL Drawn from stone in stream outside Potos
Broadsword.gif Broad Sword 8 +1 Agility Defeat Mantis Ant
Heraldsword.gif Herald Sword 14 Strong vs. Slimes/Lizards Found in Pandora Castle
Claymore.gif Claymore 20 Strong vs. Insects Defeat Great Viper
Excalibur.gif Excalibur 27 Strong vs. Evil/Undead Found in Northtown ruins
Masamune.gif Masamune 35 Higher critical hit rate Receive from King of Tascnia
Gigassword.gif Gigas Sword 43 +1 Strength Found in Grand Palace
Dragonbuster.gif Dragon Buster 52 Strong vs. Dragons Defeat Thunder Gigas
Manasword.gif Mana Sword 127 Ultimate Weapon
Effective vs. Mana Beast
Appears through use of Mana Magic.

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