Whip (SoM)

The whip is gifted to the party by Elinee after she's rescued. It has eight (8) upgrades that can all be achived through finding the respective Weapon Orbs as per the below table;

Name ATK Power Ability Located
Whip.gif Whip 2 NIL Gifted by Elinee
Blackwhip.gif Black Whip 6 Slows enemies down Found in the Scorpian Army's ship
Backhandwhip.gif Backhand Whip 12 +1 Agility Gifted by Jema after Jabberwocky
Chainwhip.gif Chain Whip 17 Strong vs. Slimes/Lizards Defeat Mech Rider (Desert)
Flailofhope.gif Flail of Hope 24 Strong vs. Evil/Undead Defeat Doom's Wall
Morningstar.gif Morning Star 30 Strong vs. Insects Found in Imperial Castle
Hammerflail.gif Hammer Flail 38 Slows enemies down Defeat Hydra
Nimbuschain.gif Nimbus Chain 47 Strong vs. Insects Defeat Hexas
Gigaswhip.gif Gigas Whip 53 Ultimate Weapon Rare drop of Terminator in Mana Fortress
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